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  • About Globe Shanghai

    Globe Shanghai (established in 2005) is one of the first and largest 3D Scanning and Reality Capture providers in China. Its focus is on 3D Laser Scanning, High-Precision Dimensional Control and Industrial Measurements. In 2009 Globe Shanghai opened its European operation headquarter in Belgium.

  • Benefits of 3D scanning

    • Decreased field time
    • Accurate spatial reconstruction
    • Access to congested areas
    • Higher precision data
    • Photorealistic images
    • Minimised risk
    • Reduced rework
    • Decreased project costs
    • Capture existing conditions in high resolution
    • Fewer physical site visits
    • Better information management during a project

    With 3D scanning you will avoid

    • Measurement errors
    • Reading errors
    • Long and/or inaccurate field measurements
    • Extra constructions to do measurements
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    Globe Shanghai, Tomson Centre, Office 1406, Tower C, Zhangyang Road 188 , Pudong, Shanghai, PRC 200122
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